Welcome to The Daily Bread Bakery & Cafe
Great food is our passion. Sharing it with you is our pleasure. Our products have been carefully handcrafted from the finest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, in the time honored tradition of the most skilled artisans. We present them to you as gifts from our kitchen to be shared at your table.

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Fall Selections
very best apple.jpg [SOLD OUT] Very Best Apple Pie
Update 11/21/17: Limited quantities may be available for purchase in store, please call or stop by to check availability. A pie that lives up to its name. Our own hand made crust filled with over 2 1/2 lbs of fresh apple filling.

fallleaves Hand Decorated Fall Cookies (individually wrapped)
Beautifully decorated fall cookies, choose from many of our seasonal selections including autumn leaves, footballs, apples, sunflowers, pumpkins and more. Selection may vary, please call or visit for details.
applecrumbcake.bmp Cinnamon Struesel Cake
Moist crumb cake with a ribbon of cinnamon and with an cinnamon struesel topping.
gooeybutter.bmp Gooey Butter Cake
Our incredibly rich Gooey Butter Cake baked fresh daily. If your not familiar with gooey butter cake, your probably not from St. Louis but we won't hold that against you.
Original Gooey Butter Cake $9.95 Order_btn.gif 
AppleStrudel.jpg Caramel Apple Strudel
A variation on our strudel pastry, filled with homemade apple raisin & smooth caramel filling. Whole strudel is 12" and is packaged on a wood board & tied with raffia. (picture shows cut strudel)
frenchbaggts2 French Baguettes
Our crusty French baguettes are made in the tradition of true artisan bakeries. Made with organic flour, sea salt, yeast & filtered water. Through "The Giving Bread" program, for every French Bagguette you purchase we will bake a fresh loaf in its place to be given to a family in need.
frenchrolls Freshly Baked Rolls (sold in dozens)
Our rolls are great with dinner or to help finish off the leftovers.
Challah Rolls $6.95 Order_btn.gif 
Crusty French Rolls $6.95 Order_btn.gif 
Partially Baked French Rolls $6.95 Order_btn.gif 
Wheat Rolls (Honey Bear) $6.95 Order_btn.gif 
bigbreadloaves Big 2 Pound Artisan Loaves
Crafted from organic flours & grains, filtered water, sea salt & yeast, our big 2 pound loaves are great sliced for sandwiches.
2 Pound French Loaf $4.95 Order_btn.gif 
2 Pound Multigrain Loaf $4.95 Order_btn.gif 
2 Pound Sourdough Loaf $4.95 Order_btn.gif 
2 Pound Sunflower Honey Wheat Loaf $4.85 Order_btn.gif