Welcome to The Daily Bread Bakery & Cafe
Great food is our passion. Sharing it with you is our pleasure. Our products have been carefully handcrafted from the finest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, in the time honored tradition of the most skilled artisans. We present them to you as gifts from our kitchen to be shared at your table.

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Gourmet St. Louis Catering
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FreshStart.jpg Breakfast Trays

Plates, napkins, tongs, and utensils are included.  Price include 1-1/2 items per person. Please Note: If you order a Fresh Start for 10 people you are going to get 15 items total (5 bagels/cream cheese, 5 assorted pastries, & 5 slices of our breakfast breads). Please make selection then choose quantities in shopping cart.

Fresh Start: bagels and cream cheese, breakfast pastries, and slices of our breakfast breads.

Healthly Start: breakfast breads and bagels with cream cheese.

Bagels & Cream Cheese Tray: fresh baked bagels, cream cheese, butter and preserves.

Fresh Start Breakfast Tray $3.95 Order_btn.gif 
Healthy Start Breakfast Tray $3.95 Order_btn.gif 
Bagels & Cream Cheese Tray $2.95 Order_btn.gif 
BagelBox.jpg Freshly Baked Bagels

Bagel Choices: Plain, Asiago, Poppy, Sesame, Everything, Blueberry, Cinnamon Chip, Multigrain, Cranberry Oatmeal, Power Bagel, Seasonal Selections

Cream Cheese Choices: Plain, Chive, Veggie, Raspberry, Honey Walnut

Baker's Dozen (13) $12.95 Order_btn.gif 
Bagel Pack (12 w/Cream Cheese) $12.95 Order_btn.gif 
Bagel Bunch (18 bagels) $15.95 Order_btn.gif 
8 oz Cream Cheese $3.25 Order_btn.gif 
Bagels & Cream Cheese Tray $2.95 Order_btn.gif 
FruitTray.jpg Fresh Fruit Platters

We hand-cut and prepare our fruit trays fresh each morning. Includes cantelope, honeydew, pineapple, grapes & strawberries.

Small Fruit Platter (serves 8-12) $29.95 Order_btn.gif 
Large Fruit Platter (serves 15-22) $49.95 Order_btn.gif 
BoxLunch.jpg Gourmet Box Lunches

Click here for the Box Lunch Fax Form

Gold Box Lunch   Sandwich Box: any Specialty sandwich served with a small Traditional green salad, fresh fruit cup and a brownie or cookie.  Salad Box: Any House, Bistro or Traditional salad with meat accompanined by a fresh fruit cup, roll with butter and a browie or cookie.

Silver Box Lunch   Sandwich Box: any Classic sandwich served with a side salad, fresh fruit cup and a cookie. Salad Box: any Traditional salad, fresh fruit cup, roll with butter and a cookie.

Classic Box Lunch any Classic sandwich served with a choice of 2: fresh fruit cup, chips or cookie.

Gold Lunch Box $12.95 Order_btn.gif 
Silver Box Lunch $10.95 Order_btn.gif 
Classic Box Lunches $9.75 Order_btn.gif 
BagLunch.jpg Classic Bag Lunch
Choose any Classic sandwich with your choice of chips, fruit, and/or fresh baked cookie (choose 2). Packaged in a Earth-friendly Daily Bread bag with a napkin.
SandwichTray.jpg Gourmet Sandwich Trays

Made with freshly baked breads, warm from the oven. All include onions, lettuce, tomatos & condiments unless noted otherwise. Includes plates, napkins & utensils upon request. Prices are per person. Minimum order is 5.

Sandwich Tray: Assorted Classic Sandwiches (cut in 1/2).

Complete Sandwich Tray: Assorted Classic Sandwiches (cut in 1/2), Chips, Fresh Baked Cookies

Deluxe Sandwich Tray: Assorted Classic Sandwiches (cut in 1/2), Individual Side Salads (Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw), Fresh Baked Cookies.

Premier Sandwich Tray: Assorted Classic Sandwiches (cut in 1/2), Individual Traditional Green Salads, Individual Fresh Fruit Cups, Fresh Baked Cookies. 


Sandwich Tray $7.50 Order_btn.gif 
Complete $8.95 Order_btn.gif 
Deluxe $10.95 Order_btn.gif 
Premier $13.95 Order_btn.gif 
Dollar Sandwiches.jpg Dozen Dollar Roll Sandwiches
Made with our Challah rolls, these 3 dollar sandwiches are layered with meat, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes. Served with DB sauce on the side.
sub sandwich (2).jpg Daily Bread Party Sandwich
24 Party Sandwich serves 10. Choose from our most popular sandwiches on our menu:
Daily Bread Special Party Sandwich $36.95 Order_btn.gif 
Towering Club Party Sandwich $36.95 Order_btn.gif 
Vegetarian Party Sandwich $36.95 Order_btn.gif 
VeggieTray.jpg Veggie Platters
A selection of fresh sliced vegetables served with our dill sauce for dipping.
Small Veggie Platter (serves 6-8) $29.95 Order_btn.gif 
Large Veggie Platter (serves 12-18) $49.95 Order_btn.gif 
soup (2).jpg Bulk House Made Soups

32 oz/4 rolls and bowls (serves 4) Choose from our House Made Seasonal Soups, Chicken Chili or Vegetarian Vegetable. Other selections vary daily see our cafe page for daily soup selections.

Everyday Soups: White Chicken Chili, Vegetarian Vegetable

Sunday: Chicken Wild Rice, Roasted Turkey Noodle

Monday: French Onion, Potato Bacon

Tuesday: Clam Chowder, French Onion

Wednesday: Chicken Wild Rice, Roasted Turkey Noodle

Thursday: Roasted Turkey Noodle, Potato Bacon

Friday: Clam Chowder, Chicken Wild Rice

Saturday: French Onion, Potato Bacon

salad.jpg Bulk Traditional Green Salads
Choose from Italian, Greek, Caesar, or the Meatless Tango.

Served ready to toss & includes rolls or fresh bread & butter.
Small Bulk $36.75 Order_btn.gif 
Medium Bulk $54.75 Order_btn.gif 
Large Bulk $73.75 Order_btn.gif 
BulkSalad.jpg Bulk House & Bistro Salads
Choose from Fire & Ice, Black & Blue, Autumn Crunch, Southwestern Chicken, and Cobb. Seasonal Salad: Napa Valley Salad
Small Bulk $51.95 Order_btn.gif 
Medium Bulk $76.95 Order_btn.gif 
Large Bulk $98.95 Order_btn.gif 
dessert tray.jpg Dessert Boxes, Trays and Cookie Bags

Gourmet Cookies: See order cookie page for more detail.  Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chunk Pecan, Mocha Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal, Pennsylvania Dutch Sugar.

Sampler Dessert Tray: An assortment cookies, brownies, strudel pieces, gooey butter cake bites, macaroons, and other seasonal goodies (price includes 1-1/2 items per person)

Ah Cookies: A tray of our most popular fresh baked gourmet cookies (price includes 1-1/2 cookies per person)

Cookie Box: 1 Dozen of our Gourmet Cookeis in a Box (Mountain Cookies Extra)


Gourmet Cookie Box $16.95 Order_btn.gif 
Sampler $3.85 Order_btn.gif 
AH,Cookies $2.45 Order_btn.gif 
sides.jpg Side Salads Made Fresh Daily

House-made Red-Skinned Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Bow Tie Pasta Salad, Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit Salad.

Choose Options Upon Checkout

Individual side salad $2.50 Order_btn.gif 
One pound side salad $7.95 Order_btn.gif 
zapps Chips
We offer Zapp's Kettle Chips; Regular, BBQ, Jalapeno Baked Lays and Sun Chips Selections may be chosen during checkout.
Choose Chips

HotBeverage.jpg HOT BEVERAGES
Return required, pickup charges may apply. Exception: Coffee Totes are disposable and do not need to be returned.
Med Gourmet Coffee Urn(serves 18-24) $32.95 Order_btn.gif 
Lg Gourmet Coffee Urn(serves 36-48) $56.95 Order_btn.gif 
Sm Gourmet Coffee Urn(serves 6-8) $10.95 Order_btn.gif 
Hot Tea Urn (serves 8) $9.95 Order_btn.gif 
Coffee Tote - (serves 10-12) No Return Required $14.95 Order_btn.gif 
Iced Tea - 1 gallon (serves 8 - 10) $7.99 Order_btn.gif 
Lemonade - 1 gallon (serves 8 - 10) $7.99 Order_btn.gif 
Bottled Water $1.29 Order_btn.gif 
Indv. Soda $1.29 Order_btn.gif 
Juice $1.29 Order_btn.gif